Periodic IBC Inspection & Testing

UN certified IBC's must be Periodically Tested and certified safe to use for transportation. 2.5 and 5 year IBC Periodic Inspection & Testing ensures legal compliance for storage and transportation.

Our professional IBC Inspection & Testing service meets Department of Transport requirements and ensures your IBC's are fit for purpose and legal.

Should your IBC fail its Periodic Inspection & Test, our engineers can source & fit parts and retest your IBC quickly and efficiently to get the IBC back in service. No work will be carried out without your authorisation and a full cost breakdown will be provided to ensure transparency.

Electrical PAT Testing

IBC's which have heating/electrical elements require Periodic PAT Testing. Our engineers are qualified and certified to perform this work be it at our depot or as part of our mobile IBC Testing Service.

Mobile Service

We understand that some production lines do not have the ability to send IBC's away for testing. To solve these issues, we offer a mobile Periodic Testing and Repair service. Our engineers will visit your site, perform the Periodic Test and repair if necessary. Our engineers carry a range of fittings to suit most IBC's.


Call us on 01977 607087 if you would like to discuss our IBC Testing & Repair Service. We will be pleased to offer a no obligation quote.

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