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IBC Cleaning Equipment

Along with the IBC Laundry service we can design, build and install bespoke IBC cleaning equipment to meet your unique requirements. This includes initial consultation, graphic representations/drawings, site assessment/visit and then production. 

You already have IBC Cleaning Equipment?

Not a problem - Our highly trained engineers can also service your existing IBC cleaning equipment to ensure it keeps running smoothly and efficiently. Our expertise in the pressure washing industry and tanker cleaning industry means we are well positioned to give you advice on the best IBC cleaning equipment and (if required) efficient replacement parts for your IBC cleaning equipment.


Call us on 01977 607087 if you would like to discuss our IBC Cleaning Equipment Service. We will be pleased to offer a quote for cleaning equipment that meets your unique requirements.




Designed and built to specific customer requirements, this floor standing, automated IBC cleaning station was tailor made from 5mm coated steel, stainless steel and water resistant parts. Built for ease of use, reliability and functionality - this IBC Cleaning Station has resulted in a four fold increase in productivity while ensuring quality controls and standard procedures are maintained across the whole IBC cleaning process.

Features include:

  • Multi directional IBC cleaning head mounted on an air operated shaft - to ensure a thorough clean
  • Safety sensors to ensure safe operation
  • Dual filter to maintain cleaning quality
  • Dual drain off valves
  • Automatic water fill feature
  • Multiple anchor points
  • Fully adjustable wash timer
  • Emergency stop button and operator indication lights

If you would like to discuss an IBC Cleaning project, we have the expertise to provide the right solution for your business requirements.

Call us on 01977 607087 for a no obligation quote.



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