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IBC Cleaning, Inspection, Testing, Repair, Maintenance & Storage


Fleetclean are an established provider of tanker and IBC cleaning services and are an accredited supplier of Karcher, Ehrle and Lavor pressure washing equipment. Based in Yorkshire, for over 30 years Fleetclean have provided high quality cleaning services for Europe's major bulk liquid hauliers. 

It is due to our experience in this industry we understand the required quality, traceability and speed required by the IBC transport and hire companies.

IBC cleaning has been a natural progression for us and we recently invested in two state of the art IBC cleaning washbays. This gives us a cleaning capacity of up to 80 IBCs a day via our ultra efficient high pressure omni-directional spinner cleaning heads.

As well as offering an IBC cleaning and laundry service, we offer periodic (2.5 and 5 year) IBC testing & inspection, IBC maintenance & repair. With our large, fully secured, CCTV protected premises we can also offer safe IBC storage should it be required.

As an SQAS assessed cleaning station and active members in the NRTCA and EFTCO - Food grade IBC's are cleaned according to internationally recognised standards and as such we offer the European Cleaning Document (ECD) with every clean.

Environmentally considerate, our IBC cleaning system reduces time, water, effluent processing and waste. Our effluent processing ensures compliance with local water discharge regulations.


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